OnePlus 8T Durability Test - Is it worth the Ice Cream?!

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Its time to durability test the new OnePlus 8T! Grab a Teardown Skin for your phone here: The OnePlus 8T has some improvements over the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. Last year the OnePlus 7T didnt quite pass my durability test. Lets hope this years OnePlus 8T fairs a little better.
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Rainbow Six Intel
Rainbow Six Intel Päivä sitten
my broke ass:😅
AL R VINES Päivä sitten
You have been paid by oneplus
Minhaz Ahammed
Minhaz Ahammed Päivä sitten
I believe you
Farouk Abdelouahab
Farouk Abdelouahab 3 päivää sitten
Did he say that oneplus 7t and 8t do the same things?? Eee dude 120hz 65hz and better camera quality and better chipset
RM STARKY 3 päivää sitten
You could give this mobile to someone instead of breaking in the name of durability test...😭.... Because these tests are already done by oneplus team... The reason why i'm saying this, i'm still using low end device...😀...
AK memes
AK memes 2 päivää sitten
Those tests done by oneplus team are fake
Arpit Zax
Arpit Zax 3 päivää sitten
MUHAMMED YEŞİLBAŞ 4 päivää sitten
Biz alamıyoruz bunlar kırıyor
Färaj Shäikh
Färaj Shäikh 4 päivää sitten
Who came here from the OnePlus Durability Ad?
THUNDERBOLT GAMING 4 päivää sitten
8 t - ha I'm strong Jerry rig- not now 😁😁😁😁 Nokia - what did u say😗 Jerry rig - 🏃💨
ODD GAMER 4 päivää sitten
I feel like crying 😭 We are not having this kind of flagship phones and he is destroying it all💯
Kaicher Mung
Kaicher Mung 4 päivää sitten
Bro u will have one day
chimi ghasyel
chimi ghasyel 5 päivää sitten
Come on .....I am sick if watching you destroy all the phone that I can only dream of buying ....I am so sick.. atlest give us some instead of destroy it
I G L Playz
I G L Playz 5 päivää sitten
😣I Can't See this....Even I'm don't have a Mid range Mobile....So I Know the Value of that.....😢💯
M A D I F Y 5 päivää sitten
I came from oneplus 8T test on their official channel
VINAY 5 päivää sitten
Bro if you can plz send me one phone bro As I am too poor 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Debayush Karmakar
Debayush Karmakar 5 päivää sitten
Hi billionaire
Gaming Diver
Gaming Diver 6 päivää sitten
Fun fact : I watching the video with same Phone and it is best😁
mayank kushwaha
mayank kushwaha 6 päivää sitten
From OnePlus stress test comments section?
SOUND 6 päivää sitten
Who else came here from oneplus stress test
sumit dhawal
sumit dhawal 6 päivää sitten
i just want one phone can you sand me this after you making the videos on the phone or reconstruct them and after gifted me please
أحمد رياز أولاد
أحمد رياز أولاد 6 päivää sitten
need a mobile phone because to read online. If I study get a job, I will be able to take care of the people in my house. help me, i live in Bangladesh.
أحمد رياز أولاد
أحمد رياز أولاد 6 päivää sitten
@Sandy Uzumaki my friend mobile.
Fortnut fortunate channel
Fortnut fortunate channel 6 päivää sitten
@Sandy Uzumaki lol
Sandy Uzumaki
Sandy Uzumaki 6 päivää sitten
how u comment bro???
Aazam Ben
Aazam Ben 6 päivää sitten
Me excited for new phone.. This guy breaks it 😂
入山はなこ 6 päivää sitten
2:14 Hatsune miku colour XD
Erika 7 päivää sitten
3:09 recommended: galaxy note 20 ultra
Nirali Joshi
Nirali Joshi 7 päivää sitten
One plus ka video hai aur starting m ad galaxy ki 😜😜😜😌😌😌
Eros Gaming TV
Eros Gaming TV 7 päivää sitten
As a man once said:glass is glass and glass breaks.
Flying Spike
Flying Spike 7 päivää sitten
Jerry In 2077: Scratches at lvl 8 and deeper grooves at lvl 9, the normal sapphire we are all used to
Flying Spike
Flying Spike 5 päivää sitten
@Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine 😂😂
Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine
Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine 6 päivää sitten
We’d be looking at him outside, on Mars, chucking the crap out of that phone INTO SPACE
Raghvendra Yadav
Raghvendra Yadav 7 päivää sitten
Don't destroy phones. Give one to me. I hardly need
Muthukumaran ThirugnanaSambandam
Muthukumaran ThirugnanaSambandam 8 päivää sitten
The Smartphone will Cry If They Have Eyes and Soul In It 😂
•CHIRA BGM• Mithila_Chiranjeewa
•CHIRA BGM• Mithila_Chiranjeewa 8 päivää sitten
තිරිසනෙක් මූ නම්..🙄 ලංකාවේ උන් මේ කොනට 🧡
kazi ishmam
kazi ishmam 8 päivää sitten
Watching it on my OnePlus 8T 💥🔥❤️
Anish Gupta
Anish Gupta 8 päivää sitten
Takla pagal hogaya h😂
ZeejayGaming 8 päivää sitten
You can give this phone to me now, I'll use it till it's last breath
Aniruddha K
Aniruddha K 8 päivää sitten
who is here after official test video of one plus
Offton56 9 päivää sitten
750 Icecream much does one cost
PRITAM DESAI 9 päivää sitten
Please send me this Mobile,
Kirbypool 1
Kirbypool 1 9 päivää sitten
Naveen vsv
Naveen vsv 9 päivää sitten
Hi everyone,I am using 8t,when I record my call,the annoying voice note saying like call recording has been started and it's audible to opposite to stop it ?
Deepak vlog
Deepak vlog 9 päivää sitten
Sir please don't west it give it to me
L 9 päivää sitten
Who Is After OnePlus Comment Section?
JSS FF 9 päivää sitten
Me too
RACKUUN 9 päivää sitten
Lol I feel like I'm watching some torture right now Ps: This is my first time I watch his video and I'm impressed
Ali 9 päivää sitten
He is The smartphone grim reaper !!!!
rax roy
rax roy 9 päivää sitten
People use lighter to burn cigars Jerry use lighter to burn phones
Buford T. Justice
Buford T. Justice 9 päivää sitten
Yeah ... But ! The 8T has incredible Specs that will certainly keep it relevant & highly functional for at least 4 years. ( 120 mHz screen & 12G of RAM ) but it is the Nuclear Fast Charging that makes it a Keeper ! The ( 65W ) "WARP" charging is truly insane and charges the ( 4500 mAh) aka ... ( dual ( 2250 mAh ) batteries from 0% --> 100% in 36mins.! There is literally NO LONGER any reason to even think about charging your phone again. Simply pop it in the charger and go jump in the shower or simply brush your teeth & hair and your good for the day. I was at 18% this morning before leaving and threw it on the charger for 11 mins. and left the house at ( 70% ) which on a ( 4500 mAh ) battery is enough for the entire day for me. An entire long day. But I'm sure for you Crazy Bernie "Bro's" Anime losers living in your Mom's basement ( 70% ) isn't enough for a day full of heavy fondling but it comes close. So for those that "Identify" as a Non-Loser with an actual job ... I highly recommend the 8T.
Aryan Naveen
Aryan Naveen 8 päivää sitten
You OK Bro?
Abrar AFi
Abrar AFi 10 päivää sitten
You should build a mobile and give it to us. And we will test it. Lets see
Debendra Marndi
Debendra Marndi 10 päivää sitten
Please do give away 😭😭😭
Jerin. J.Perumpral
Jerin. J.Perumpral 11 päivää sitten
Why do you damage the phone's at least you could give it to me!
King of private server COC
King of private server COC 11 päivää sitten
Pls don't do like this Give the phone to us
Himanshu Shinde
Himanshu Shinde 12 päivää sitten
I was watching this in my one plus 8t and my youtube crashed lol
Keshav Sangwan
Keshav Sangwan 13 päivää sitten
The calmness with which he destroys phone reminds me of Muriel's brother from an episode of courage the cowardly dog XD.
F A N R R R 13 päivää sitten
I am a poor person
F A N R R R 13 päivää sitten
Plese sir
F A N R R R 13 päivää sitten
Plese sir give me a phone
Jagadish Kamal
Jagadish Kamal 14 päivää sitten
Look at the "new" samsung f something . Looks like a wish iphone 12 ripoff
Jagadish Kamal
Jagadish Kamal 14 päivää sitten
Ahh, Galaxy f62
DJ DHANU SMILEY 15 päivää sitten
Big fan
Lennart Andersson
Lennart Andersson 16 päivää sitten
Priyanshu Dey
Priyanshu Dey 17 päivää sitten
Who are u tell us when to buy or sell a mobile phone☹️😒😒
Solared618 18 päivää sitten
The 8T's fingerprint reader issue showed in this video has been fixed in a software update
Mahidul official
Mahidul official 21 päivä sitten
ভাই এতো গুলো ফোনের বাঁশ যে আপনি দিয়েছেন ফোন গুলো আসলে পান কোথায়
Rengaraj Rengaraj
Rengaraj Rengaraj 22 päivää sitten
Sir pls try the budget mobiles sir pls.
CSGO STEAM 22 päivää sitten
Shamsul Faisal Mohd Hussein
Shamsul Faisal Mohd Hussein 23 päivää sitten
" ... of course my phones do depreciate faster than most ... " 😂😂😂
The Randomizer
The Randomizer 24 päivää sitten
jerry u definetely ate a lot of ice cream that day
Zedds Gaming
Zedds Gaming 25 päivää sitten
Why r u humiliating it ??
XxJezPlayzxX 28 päivää sitten
AversePlayz 28 päivää sitten
Let's go OnePlus 7t gang even he recommended OnePlus 7t Edit: btw he recommends OnePlus 7t and they don't have teardown case for it
INFOPEDIA Uukausi sitten
Those who came after one plus stress test video 👇
Ryan Capiro
Ryan Capiro Uukausi sitten
Watching this on my 8T hurts
Arsal Mushtaq
Arsal Mushtaq Uukausi sitten
Who's here after ONE PLUS dropped a video of durability test a week ago?
OnePlus made it to stress test😂 anyone watched that?
Nathan Beard
Nathan Beard Uukausi sitten
Love the "Lets just grab some ice cream and wait for next year".... Patients can be worth it sometime. My Pixel 3XL might be on it's death bed currently....However, it is still breathing, and long as it is I plan on waiting. Will either get this 8T or the Pixel 5
Marco Chavanne
Marco Chavanne Uukausi sitten
Snagged an 8T to replace my broken 7 Pro with a $100 off coupon and a free pair of OnePlus Wireless Buds Z. I'm pretty stoked to have a OP phone with a flat high refresh display. Add a good GCam port and it's a solid phone.
Sankaranarayana Kaushik
Sankaranarayana Kaushik Uukausi sitten
OnePlus is Super
RedSus Gaming
RedSus Gaming Uukausi sitten
3:17 as long as the ice cream machine isn’t broken which it definitely will be
it's raed
it's raed Uukausi sitten
Kyle Bryant
Kyle Bryant Uukausi sitten
Wait, mine didn't come with a plastic screen protector on it wtf.
Trunks Wee Liang
Trunks Wee Liang Uukausi sitten
Can you give me the phone because I really need it if you don't want
Shaurya Patil
Shaurya Patil Uukausi sitten
See, didn't trust that OnePlus durability video on this one
Gregory Humphrey
Gregory Humphrey Uukausi sitten
Comes with a plastic screen protector installed😂
Neal Uukausi sitten
„There is still glass at the back“ Nervous S21 noises
ToyotaCelicaDude1 Uukausi sitten
I promise you the 8t is a FANTASTIC UPGRADE over the 7 Pro and 7t Pro McLaren. My husband and I had the 7 models, and they were extremely buggy. Upgrading to these was such an awesome experience as they don't have nearly as many bugs as the previous generation!
Joshua Ham
Joshua Ham Uukausi sitten
I just bought a OnePlus 7t. Its retail price was $600. I got it for $300 14 months after it came out. Totally worth it!
TiXK2 Uukausi sitten
you could have got the 8 or 8t for free from tmobile lol
Manost Sakelaris
Manost Sakelaris Uukausi sitten
The reason that most smartphones price decreasing year by year is because the innovation this device had built to promote now it has been more common ...
Aminul Hoque Siyam
Aminul Hoque Siyam Uukausi sitten
Ohhh man I saw a videos where one plus teams are checking one plus 8t durability and everyone are talking about Jerryrigeverything
Raveso S
Raveso S Uukausi sitten
US: We have Jerry Rig... India: We have Gupta ji...
Abhinav Dham
Abhinav Dham Uukausi sitten
Ok tested Passed by JerryRig✅ 😂😂
xW3rder Uukausi sitten
Watching this is so unconfortable...
sourflour Uukausi sitten
Zack, have you seen the recent "durability test" videos OnePlus has been releasing for the 8T? It's like they're ASKING someone to do those things properly. If only there was a guy who does durability tests for a living and knows a thing or two about youtube, who could show them how it's done...
Ryan Bennet
Ryan Bennet Uukausi sitten
Well I have a cell phone
Brett Tinder
Brett Tinder Uukausi sitten
Is it wrong that I listen to these videos in the background for his calming voice?
DANIEL IJOMA Uukausi sitten
Jerry's calm voice doesn't correlate to the havoc he unleashes on those poor devices!😭
Corby Silent
Corby Silent Uukausi sitten
8T user 😂
Amine mino
Amine mino Uukausi sitten
Im still fine with my samsung note8
Sednas Uukausi sitten
Watching this on my 8T felt weird.
Nick Brown
Nick Brown Uukausi sitten
I'm surprised the back glass didn't crack. Mine has cracked after being in my pocket and leaning on something. It's definitely a stress crack and starts near the volume buttons. It even had a case with chunky rubber surrounds on at the time. It's a great phone but this was disappointing
Shahid Rahat Hossain
Shahid Rahat Hossain Uukausi sitten
I'm using the phone for 1month. I have 3 issues. 1. The video on my mobile is getting stuck(online and in gallery too) it's for 2times in a week. 2. if I have to clean cache files i have to open inividual app and delete which is super annoying and very time consuming. 3. the camera quality is not Good with this price, need software based optimization from Oneplus very soon
Mudasir Uukausi sitten
I don't know but I am feeling so bad for the phone... It would be telling the killer I am innocent...
Travis H
Travis H Uukausi sitten
I have nothing but good things to say about my 8T+. Camera aside, (I use a real camera if I want excellent photos) it is great. Coming from LG G7 Thinq. Also got 3 of these for free with promotion. For a free phone, can't be beat. Never been big into buying a Chinese phone but again, free. The battery life is so absurdly long!!!
Pankaj Rawat
Pankaj Rawat Uukausi sitten
Everytime he scratches the phone my heart comes into my mouth
михаил виноградов
михаил виноградов Uukausi sitten
Нахуя! Только один вопрос!
Myth Gamerse
Myth Gamerse Uukausi sitten
adorable voise
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