Smartphone Durability Awards 2020!
Fabián Fernández
Fabián Fernández 13 tuntia sitten
Put water or other things in drone to clean solar panels roof
Fabián Fernández
Fabián Fernández 13 tuntia sitten
Can ur drone cleaning ur solar panels roof 😂😂😂
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 13 tuntia sitten
I'm here after the story of the man using 80 pounds of tannerite in a gender reveal. 4 is big, I couldn't imagine 80 omg
Link con cara de weon png
Link con cara de weon png 13 tuntia sitten
NOOOOOO Nooooo :(
Michael Ramnarine
Michael Ramnarine 13 tuntia sitten
2:26 best moment of jerryrigeverything
PUBG Bro'S 13 tuntia sitten
Can Help me with cooling fan Product name Please Jerry
Mark Lefler
Mark Lefler 13 tuntia sitten
Great video. Try rubbing a dryer sheet on the plastic components. It is slightly conductive and helps "short out" static electricity.
Keneki 13 tuntia sitten
why do these videos heart my soul
DIY Tech
DIY Tech 13 tuntia sitten
HITMAN is that you
Shane 13 tuntia sitten
He's a psychopath
Elena Michael
Elena Michael 13 tuntia sitten
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Elena Michael
Elena Michael 13 tuntia sitten
I work with Codedspyy11 On Instagram or telegram account ,he work with trust, and believe me, he help me get my boyfriend facebook link, I trust you, you are the best hacker
SHIELA YAMBAO 13 tuntia sitten
hey" bald are you kidding me😂🤣😅👍
freckled unicornn
freckled unicornn 13 tuntia sitten
Waiting for mine in the mail, while I watch this like o_o
Purple Nurp
Purple Nurp 13 tuntia sitten
Well the tesla solar roof is hella cool
Devin Edwards
Devin Edwards 13 tuntia sitten
How does this mans voice sound like a commercial narrator the entire video
Furkan Udmir
Furkan Udmir 13 tuntia sitten
my sony xperia 5 mark II got really badly scracht after 1 month use without protection it has a deep grove too I don't know hot it happened
Liam Poppleton
Liam Poppleton 13 tuntia sitten
The biggest problem with solar as a system wide energy production is storage. The lithium batteries we’re using are terribly inefficient at scale, and there just isn’t enough lithium in the world to support it if we did go with it. Once we solve that issue though, solar will be used on most grids almost for certain, since the upkeep cost is negligible compared to other forms of energy.
Hough White
Hough White 13 tuntia sitten
Not only the lighter burns the screen Zack also roasts the phone Thin box, Price, SD card slot Sick burn
Kian Delarosa
Kian Delarosa 13 tuntia sitten
Hi.. joe rig... can you help me how to built my own solar power in my hause..
Snicker Doodle
Snicker Doodle 14 tuntia sitten
can you put one in there for like 9 hours
lilstump55 14 tuntia sitten
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life
Furkan Udmir
Furkan Udmir 14 tuntia sitten
745 dislikes from lenovo
Rick Astley fan
Rick Astley fan 14 tuntia sitten
I have it it’s my most og iPad and it fell down the stairs and didn’t even have a crack that’s how good it is-
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 14 tuntia sitten
I need 1 unit in Pakistan🇵🇰 please guide me
Yasir HMAD
Yasir HMAD 14 tuntia sitten
Where can I get that oleophobic solution?
G T 14 tuntia sitten
The little pop up camera on this phone is great and works plenty fast enough for face id. The curved screen sucks though and is too sensitive on the edges.
Mary Cunha
Mary Cunha 14 tuntia sitten
yolo polo
yolo polo 14 tuntia sitten
I can only imagine if my grandpa saw this. Id be installing it on his roof right now
Lord Cake
Lord Cake 14 tuntia sitten
dudes head built like an egg
Eversor86 14 tuntia sitten
WTF you are doing in America that average daily power use is so high? That's like running 1.2KW of power all the damn time.
Jubrin Najaja
Jubrin Najaja 14 tuntia sitten
Am i the only one that got pained watching the phone break 😭
Loudeil Lunzaga
Loudeil Lunzaga 14 tuntia sitten
Poor phone. He was so happy until he encountered this guy
Faranox 14 tuntia sitten
0:59 wait those are anderson connectors lmao wtf
Leo Liu
Leo Liu 14 tuntia sitten
“scratches at level 6, deeper grooves at level 7”
Mr Knez
Mr Knez 14 tuntia sitten
I am seeing 11:11 or 22:22 and some other double numbers all the time on my clock, phone and pc. And now in Jerrys video. Plz tell me you did it on purpose :P
something doesn't add up
something doesn't add up 15 tuntia sitten
I'm going to set a reminder in april of 2050 see you in 29 years
Jonas Chavez
Jonas Chavez 15 tuntia sitten
It packing tho sheeeee
Liam Dowell
Liam Dowell 15 tuntia sitten
I forgot how much I love this guy and his jokes
meseyoungboyっ 15 tuntia sitten
Ow wow i remeber the day of watching it was not expecting a update at all.
EpicShotZz 15 tuntia sitten
It’s heavy thick and long... 😂😂😂 I don’t care if I’m immature in my humor
Ace Reyazi
Ace Reyazi 15 tuntia sitten
Jerry kinda looks like captain underpants lol
Chad Parsons
Chad Parsons 15 tuntia sitten
smart phones suck they break to easy I will never own another one i just busted my 3rd iphone in 5 years went back to a flip phone.
Chad Parsons
Chad Parsons 15 tuntia sitten
I would use a hammer and go back to a flip phone
joshyyosh 15 tuntia sitten
My ROG 3 and I thank you for what you do!
David M
David M 15 tuntia sitten
For all of this shit I rather just get a new fucking phone
Taswer Abbas Butt
Taswer Abbas Butt 15 tuntia sitten
Want to see iPhone 12 mini water test
PELAYO & TATOY Pamilya 15 tuntia sitten
Haiz hope i have phone like that 😂
Tik Tok vids
Tik Tok vids 15 tuntia sitten
It hurts seeing a I pod getting destroyed
B Sandoval
B Sandoval 15 tuntia sitten
Im going to subscribe 29 years in advance
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith 15 tuntia sitten
4:00 Man that breaker box does not look flush with the wall at all. Did you really have to Jerryrig that Zack!?
Thamailmane 15 tuntia sitten
Forgive me if it was discussed in the video as I'm only 3 minutes in, but I just realized once your shingles are ready to be replaced there will be a lot of extra labor cost due to having to remove the solar panels. I'm sure you will do it yourself when the time comes, but it's something to think about for anyone considering it.
Thamailmane 15 tuntia sitten
Also I look forward to the video in 2051.
Jayden’s Gaming
Jayden’s Gaming 15 tuntia sitten
I would last literally 10 seconds
Tom Benes
Tom Benes 15 tuntia sitten
I would like to see what you do to clean your colour panels And would you do any upgrades to your
Marcus Simmons
Marcus Simmons 15 tuntia sitten
This guy is so cool.
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell 16 tuntia sitten
Watching this on my Note 9. I love this thing!
egm255 16 tuntia sitten
Is it possible to purchase the glass lens directly without having to use Amazon?
Humd Haider
Humd Haider 16 tuntia sitten
Apple has finally made something new Apple invented the smartphone well a touch smartphone
Crazy Crystal
Crazy Crystal 16 tuntia sitten
He's voice is so good and please to hear
Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles
Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles 16 tuntia sitten
I have the same microinverters. I never saw that the app had a night mode, just changed it over, looks cool.
One Random Guy
One Random Guy 16 tuntia sitten
The integrated fans on gaming phones is such a stupid design. Hard to remove and clean, plus the fan gets clogged by dust buildup overtime which will overheat the phone anyways.
Joshua // NamelessWing
Joshua // NamelessWing 16 tuntia sitten
So, here is a dumb question: Because you made your own source of power.. do you still get an electricity bill?
Humd Haider
Humd Haider 16 tuntia sitten
The mini has 3 cameras and the pro max had 4 camaras
Strike 33
Strike 33 16 tuntia sitten
Where do I fi d one of these? I've got a scratched up phone and need to help
Ian Jex
Ian Jex 16 tuntia sitten
Wouldn’t mind this phone with a Apple OS over android. I’d rather have a phone that out of the box doesn’t need a $30 case to almost survive my children playing with it. For $1000 you’d think Samsung & Apple would put more effort into ensuring that their products don’t break so easily from one drop like they do. This phone focusing on durability should be more popular than it is. Just needs one major carrier offering it
Fury_Man014 16 tuntia sitten
Nice vid zach keep it up.
Aiden and Julian
Aiden and Julian 16 tuntia sitten
Mahmud Nur Kholis
Mahmud Nur Kholis 16 tuntia sitten
the sound when the foam of battery removed hurt meee
Shadow Realm Gaming
Shadow Realm Gaming 17 tuntia sitten
Would it be possible for me to send you a phone to do a durability test on? It’s a pretty old smart phone, HTC with kickstand on back. Someone left it at my house like 12 years ago, never found the owner or anyone who even wanted it for free back then. I just found it again in my closet, and can’t find any use for it. Thought maybe you could do a video and it could be used for something atleast! Please let me know if that would be okay, and where to send it, if you have a PO Box. Thanks!
Nasir Saeed
Nasir Saeed 17 tuntia sitten
We also installed solar panels. It is the best solution to high bills now a days
zaman zaidi
zaman zaidi 17 tuntia sitten
hey jerry how to provide in india
mario pacheco
mario pacheco 17 tuntia sitten
Hey Zack if you have saving $100 dollars a month on average what does your electricity bill pre year ?
noob 17 tuntia sitten
how many of you are here after apple's spring loaded event ?
The Chosen Juan Lopez
The Chosen Juan Lopez 17 tuntia sitten
The level 9 scratches really be lagging behind
RJ 17 tuntia sitten
Love the unicorn sneeze color.
Chris B
Chris B 17 tuntia sitten
Your panels face south and not "always the sun"...
Tom Woodhead
Tom Woodhead 17 tuntia sitten
What happened to your other channel?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 17 tuntia sitten
I have an army of workers at home to help me install this, but they are best at eating my food. Definitely need to hire someone soon. Thanks for the update!
अर्जुन शर्मा
अर्जुन शर्मा 17 tuntia sitten
अच्छे से समझाया आपने 👍🏼 Sun your employee 😂
vanvice 17 tuntia sitten
Can I send you my phone for scratch removal? :|