Logan ELVIDGE 12 tuntia sitten
I like How he says we wouldn’t like to scratch it even though you’re already scratched it in the durability test
Nima Fox
Nima Fox 12 tuntia sitten
Microsoft: wait so the phone is going to Jerry Phone: O GOD NO NO I WILL KILL YOU Microsoft: ... O YA I WILL SEND YOU Phone: :( bye mommy Phone mommy: GIVE ME MY SON I WILL KILL YOU Microsoft: *dead* Phone: yay
Saheb Sk
Saheb Sk 12 tuntia sitten
Mere paas 3 saal se hai koy problem nahi hai
SwT_ 12 tuntia sitten
How to build a Test-la
creeps64 12 tuntia sitten
Man, idk why but Watching the vids really hurt me lemao
UrAveragePotato 2
UrAveragePotato 2 12 tuntia sitten
This is literally my dream phone. This really breaks my heart😭
習近平【登録者一人につき1m2尖閣譲る】 13 tuntia sitten
Rizky Otnaifra
Rizky Otnaifra 13 tuntia sitten
Gateli wong iki cokk , hp anyar ket unboxing dirusakk wkwkwk
Olober sykes
Olober sykes 13 tuntia sitten
you doing amazing job, thanks for greath teardown all of stuff, try to do leaf jump with tear down TESLA Car :D
Robloxness 13 tuntia sitten
lol yeah really dumb phone made in china🤣🤣🤣🤣
Box 13 tuntia sitten
damn i wish i could get that my back is just exhausted from sleeping and i am 20 years old
Nathan Hardy
Nathan Hardy 13 tuntia sitten
Have you ever thought of just living in a single level house
Julian Bogado
Julian Bogado 13 tuntia sitten
if you replaced every part of the phone, is it still the same phone?
Jolly Chanda
Jolly Chanda 13 tuntia sitten
I was expecting something more in the video !
A Face
A Face 13 tuntia sitten
Imagine if Jerry started his own brand of bespoke hand built fully electric karts. *ElectricKartsEverywhere by Jerry*
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du_k p 13 tuntia sitten
i am Andrey:3 я русский. yes video top.
Maikel v.d. Hulst
Maikel v.d. Hulst 13 tuntia sitten
Asks us what color it would be ... shows a picture of the completed (white painted) body in the outro 🙄
Daniel Ran
Daniel Ran 13 tuntia sitten
Neon Blue would be sweet
Rikki Paul
Rikki Paul 14 tuntia sitten
3:20 "Obviously the screen is super excited about this new development" 🤣🤣
Ace Trainer Tullius
Ace Trainer Tullius 14 tuntia sitten
ganesh sri raam
ganesh sri raam 14 tuntia sitten
Imagine Jerry went there actually teardown his car
Bryan Quebada
Bryan Quebada 14 tuntia sitten
I cannot even fucking watch this video, man your not even human
GageAnimates 14 tuntia sitten
This video hurts me yet satisfies me…
Logan ELVIDGE 14 tuntia sitten
What is that black Thing on his Finger now
SimpySon69 14 tuntia sitten
This shouod be the future
Naylor Blake
Naylor Blake 14 tuntia sitten
Thanks a lot, I now have a working phone
mikeissweet 14 tuntia sitten
Do you put CC on to be inclusive?
Mukul Agnihotri
Mukul Agnihotri 14 tuntia sitten
Vegetables and tea
rafan TECH live
rafan TECH live 15 tuntia sitten
Glass is glass and glass breaks Most famous sentence
Logan ELVIDGE 15 tuntia sitten
X MAN 15 tuntia sitten
Love you Samsung❤❤
riley busse
riley busse 15 tuntia sitten
Funny how its Still working after being bent When other android tablets would have broken Cough cough Galaxy tab S7 lol Who needs a foldable phone or tablet when you could just bend your tablet in 2018 way before foldable phones or tablets existed And for less the money only this does the same thing for $1600 less at $400 lol just buy it it's future proof lol when u have this the fold looks outdated Who needs a folding iPad or iPhone when u already own one 4 years earlier
FruiVega 15 tuntia sitten
I'm from Europe originally and i can tell we have different law about almost everything what we have in North America same for food and technology
c WICK 15 tuntia sitten
you know about VEGA EVX
Martí Miranda
Martí Miranda 16 tuntia sitten
Can this be street driven? This couldn’t even get a license plate here in Europe...
BAthEeraunA 16 tuntia sitten
Finally I can remove the microphone against google and use it for home usage!
Switch.XL 16 tuntia sitten
No durability test???
Lion King
Lion King 16 tuntia sitten
Very nice to see these phones! Make them better with more camera modules and support this company!
Marat Pataturka
Marat Pataturka 16 tuntia sitten
excellent test man, fooling us all
Henk Scheerooren
Henk Scheerooren 16 tuntia sitten
ANIMESH PAL 16 tuntia sitten
first of all he arranged a Tesla car's main motor. then he maid that! 😀😀😀
Tissuenoob 16 tuntia sitten
imma refer to this vid to fix my note 3
peter barlow
peter barlow 16 tuntia sitten
should've used dividers or at the very least hugelkultur... more money than brains I guess
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I will make a follow-up video in 300 years so hit that subscribe button if you wanna see it
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Tesla watching this: Wait, that's Illegal
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lucky shrma 17 tuntia sitten
while watching this one of my younger brother said that khrab kar ke dikha rha h🤣
Jemal Kukhilava
Jemal Kukhilava 17 tuntia sitten
thanks for your opinion. Right this guide work to battery recondition
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Parth Agrawal 17 tuntia sitten
Pramod 😂😂😂
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Thumper J 17 tuntia sitten
so umm where can i get these templates lol
Obiajulu Umeagukwu
Obiajulu Umeagukwu 17 tuntia sitten
Luckily he bought 2
CORPSE FANNY 18 tuntia sitten
You wasted your money
Bruh 18 tuntia sitten
Me watching on my iPhone 11...🤭
Bruh 18 tuntia sitten
Red edition
Ambooo ツ
Ambooo ツ 18 tuntia sitten
What Can you said 'bout the New Design of the Model S and Model X's Interior & Stalkless "Yoke" Steering Wheel for 2021. 🤔❓
WRR 999
WRR 999 18 tuntia sitten
Grande Jeff besos.
PREVEL Bob 18 tuntia sitten
Ambooo ツ
Ambooo ツ 18 tuntia sitten
Durability Test 😂
Bloody Pommel Studios
Bloody Pommel Studios 18 tuntia sitten
Just thought, with an LCD behind an OLED you could control transparency as well as RGB, you'd lose a bit of minimum transparency but could still be great for AR.
F Hind
F Hind 18 tuntia sitten
Harganya dong 🙏
BangDroid 18 tuntia sitten
When you get wheel speed sensors, use the value of how much the rear wheels are over the front as an input to the ESC curve
jLuis Zamora
jLuis Zamora 19 tuntia sitten
“Slightly dead dandelion” Bwhahahahahaha 😂
Baconface McGee
Baconface McGee 19 tuntia sitten
Wow…so much hardware!
charm 19 tuntia sitten
tesla (not street legal)
sS Eysyns
sS Eysyns 19 tuntia sitten
Can it beat Goku?
Matthew Ford
Matthew Ford 19 tuntia sitten
I just don’t wanna pay $200 just fix the cracks on my screennnn😫😫...I’d rather just buy a new phone 😡
magnusm4 19 tuntia sitten
With this and a cable connector to another phone I can imagine making a phone console for playing games. Imagine playing Rayman 2 with this.
Md Tauhid
Md Tauhid 19 tuntia sitten
I'm stay Bangladesh otherwise I your fans, please help me because I need BlackBerry KEYone sensor rebbon
Md Tauhid
Md Tauhid 19 tuntia sitten
I need sensor ribbon, please help me
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no uncle rich's fans from rich rebuilds?
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Sonyah Noibe 20 tuntia sitten
Me watching this video on the 12inch iPad: My iPad: that mean stuff doesn’t mean me right? Me: time to find out.
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Tide Pods Chips 20 tuntia sitten
"your wife is hot" Imao 😂😂😂
call meh martin
call meh martin 20 tuntia sitten
when i grit saw the thumbnail i was like ok there’s a taser it’s probably clickbait BUT WHEN HE PULLS OUT THAT TASER I WAS LIKE NOW THIS MAN IS GONNS BE AN ON THE GO POLICE OFFICER 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 20 tuntia sitten
Can you do a LG G8x dual screen test??
Kriptic 21 tunti sitten
quanem banem
quanem banem 21 tunti sitten
The comfortable middle historically scribble because bush cumulatively trace across a irritating tenor. kindhearted, old-fashioned debt
Chiharu Animatics
Chiharu Animatics 21 tunti sitten
My 5th gen Ipad having the exact same color/design at this: 🤧🤧🤧 Upgrading to 6th gen so I can use an apple pencil
Nazren Benzema
Nazren Benzema 21 tunti sitten
I just imagine if Jerry get gold shoes of player football.. i really2 like for the experiment...😈😅😂🤣
R 21 tunti sitten
U don't know how to do this. Hfhfffghf
Chiharu Animatics
Chiharu Animatics 21 tunti sitten
The fact that he broke it so calmly
Rich Zellmer
Rich Zellmer 21 tunti sitten
Looks like a K-1 attack kit?