Smartphone Durability Awards 2020!
Alentomshaji Palamattam
Alentomshaji Palamattam 15 tuntia sitten
Can you do a durability test of iqoo 7
chetan kamble
chetan kamble 15 tuntia sitten
Sir Mi 11 Ultra Durability test please...
Electro JUNK-tion
Electro JUNK-tion 16 tuntia sitten
There are many of us want to see durability test for the IQOO 7 smartphone. The dual chip monster. Hope you will make a video on that dual chip.
Azzan Bhuiya
Azzan Bhuiya 17 tuntia sitten
Imagine he forgot to press record
Kanhaiya Kumar
Kanhaiya Kumar 17 tuntia sitten
RIP Steve Jobs
Oh Well
Oh Well 17 tuntia sitten
09:47 someone get him a calculator
Muflah 17 tuntia sitten
A few years from now he'll share this with their children saying "and kids, this is how I met your mother!"
Lauren Middleton
Lauren Middleton 18 tuntia sitten
Zack loves his Face Diaper! Poor guy is so Cucked.. 😢
Dave E
Dave E 18 tuntia sitten
Batteries are also a huge hit on the environment. An electric car for example, just the batteries, 20-30 tons of carbon.
Roblox Siren recorder and plane crazy sirens
Roblox Siren recorder and plane crazy sirens 18 tuntia sitten
iPhone 7
Hori Kingi
Hori Kingi 19 tuntia sitten
That is so cool awesome and any other choice words
Hobert Lee :-\
Hobert Lee :-\ 19 tuntia sitten
do a durability test later on these devices kindle fire 10 kids edition (may 2021, when it comes out) ipad pro (may 2021, when it comes out)
Michael 23
Michael 23 19 tuntia sitten
3 years still no abrasions
Indraneel Mahottam
Indraneel Mahottam 19 tuntia sitten
Just bought the 8t..
Xdad 49
Xdad 49 19 tuntia sitten
Galaxy fold spoilered
MilkMan 20 tuntia sitten
🙄🙄🙄 mask comment
szewei1985 20 tuntia sitten
Haha deng
LOST IN TIMELINE 21 tunti sitten
So you spent 2500 for this piece of junk Just TO DESTROY IT????? Talking about sarcasm
Victor Lee
Victor Lee 21 tunti sitten
You guys are amazing! Lots of love ❤️ there! Thanks for sharing!
Chris Hager
Chris Hager 21 tunti sitten
nice & clean explaination
benxton 21 tunti sitten
I replaced the screen for my old 5s!
Hamza charki games
Hamza charki games 21 tunti sitten
I hate when he scratch the metal lik that
jakey studio
jakey studio 21 tunti sitten
Yo. U can't test things like that.. all phones are fragile ... U can't bend a phone a. Expect it to survive. Which lunatic buys a phone an bends it for durability. The phone is strong enough for any user. Despite the specs etc.. Nonsense. I want u do that to a s21 ultra or note 20 ultra. An a new one too. Then amaze me smh
Phil Mod
Phil Mod 21 tunti sitten
Got joycon drift decided to repair my joycons and give em the atomic purple look and this video is literally the only reason is was done right. TY
Nark of Mexico
Nark of Mexico 21 tunti sitten
See they skipped the IR camera
Mlgpenguinboy 22 tuntia sitten
i cringed when he said clip
I could care less about the mattress but I could see in the whole video how much they both love each other. So beautiful coming from someone on the outside.
l was wrong about everyhting
l was wrong about everyhting 22 tuntia sitten
She looks so cheeky
Redilas Remuiase
Redilas Remuiase 22 tuntia sitten
The tough bike etiologically flower because iran canonically enjoy anenst a left ocean. rabid, equal vegetarian
Noel Meyer
Noel Meyer 22 tuntia sitten
So how many of those demonstrating the rig are actual wheelchair bound? Or are they just youngsters in perfect health having a grand ol' time racing their rigs across the landscape?
mauro eskelsen
mauro eskelsen 23 tuntia sitten
Try it with a 5.56 green tip
Nark of Mexico
Nark of Mexico 23 tuntia sitten
Ha apple and standard in the same sentence
A.O.D. Gaming
A.O.D. Gaming 23 tuntia sitten
"your wife is hot" lol
Derek Corkern
Derek Corkern 23 tuntia sitten
no 6 hours I'm a 11 years old I can do it by my self
Derek Corkern
Derek Corkern 23 tuntia sitten
It would take me 15 hours
Derek Corkern
Derek Corkern 23 tuntia sitten
what a build you two but I don't need to I'm am a lego master of legos I can do better I'm 11years old
Oxyliase Skae
Oxyliase Skae 23 tuntia sitten
What the fuck bro, what's the point
Drake Harmon
Drake Harmon Päivä sitten
everyone: oh cool a nintendo switch this lite this guy: BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!!!
MrOPOZER Päivä sitten
Vous êtes mon héros.
Pink fox
Pink fox Päivä sitten
But this is a huge reason why I don't buy Apple products they're just too weak and you drop them in any of their products and it completely shatters but Samsung you can drop it a couple times and it doesn't break or completely shatter
Pink fox
Pink fox Päivä sitten
I just love watching someone buy something I can't afford then breaking it before my eyes
jakeplaysyyt Päivä sitten
VICKY Päivä sitten
These mobiles worst nightmare is getting into this mans hand
Jin Xue
Jin Xue Päivä sitten
Do you know if you can change the Celsius to farenheit?
Milan Rawand
Milan Rawand Päivä sitten
Catalin DOBRE
Catalin DOBRE Päivä sitten
Backpanel on mine shattered inside the case from the box without any hit. Endurance Zero, besides specs and flagship price just a shitty device.
Chase Hill
Chase Hill Päivä sitten
You should do a durability test on the new iPad Pro
sayra aziz
sayra aziz Päivä sitten
Thank you so much! Scar looked so happy considering he went places he never went for years
markus mulder
markus mulder Päivä sitten
'' I'll see you around '' Yep, tracked down...
Gaming To Vlogging
Gaming To Vlogging Päivä sitten
Korok boi
raja raja
raja raja Päivä sitten
Yaaru SAAmy Ivan 😂😂😂😂😂
Phoenix Bird PUBGM
Phoenix Bird PUBGM Päivä sitten
give me the that ipad🙄
Moghal Ameer
Moghal Ameer Päivä sitten
Gagan Bajwa
Gagan Bajwa Päivä sitten
When you know the rubber is gonna be damaged with knife then why damage it? What's the point? Stupid
A Demon
A Demon Päivä sitten
and people say apple is expensive?..
srinu Cme-002
srinu Cme-002 Päivä sitten
Bro please send me one iphone to me bro please please please please😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏 please please please please please😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏 please please please🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭 please please please please
2211 Escobar, John Mark Z.
2211 Escobar, John Mark Z. Päivä sitten
I hate that scrapping metal sound 😒
dipak shaw
dipak shaw Päivä sitten
Just give it to me 🙁
Steven Cen
Steven Cen Päivä sitten
Zenfone 8 compact version pleas
Moein Mirjalili
Moein Mirjalili Päivä sitten
AK SoccerLegend
AK SoccerLegend Päivä sitten
I know this was for the purpose of the video, but try not to destroy expensive items not all of us even have.
UgLy AsS BiTcH-
UgLy AsS BiTcH- Päivä sitten
Yall really smashing, scratching and bending the phone backwards and expect it not to break tall fools?
Abhishek Earthquake
Abhishek Earthquake Päivä sitten
I came back for Humour again!
Gabriel Alvis
Gabriel Alvis Päivä sitten
More videos with your wife please!!!!
officially vrgtics
officially vrgtics Päivä sitten
Asus zenfone 8 plz
San Thy
San Thy Päivä sitten
why r u disassembling from the back of the phone in case of android phones while u do that from the front portion in apple phones?!! @JerryRigEverything
Ben B
Ben B Päivä sitten
Please review the Latest Zenfone 8! Small yet with all the bells and whistles of the latest Qualcomm Chip!
Atakan Päivä sitten
Jerry saying "Super low price", meanwhile it is 3 times higher than my monthly income in Turkey... We are doomed. No, i am not a social worker. I am a teacher.
Mohamed El messaoudi
Mohamed El messaoudi Päivä sitten
Does this method work with iphone se 2016 ?
Darlene Ruiter
Darlene Ruiter Päivä sitten
Cool !! So I’m guessing you’ve returned the tootsie rolls back to your friend......
Akshay Singh
Akshay Singh Päivä sitten
This has to be an yearly video!
Mohammad Radhi
Mohammad Radhi Päivä sitten
Hi.. I want to ask.. Can we use paint remover to make it clear?
abatan samuel
abatan samuel Päivä sitten
Is it possible for it to fall from like 4 fit tall place and the touch screen stop working ?
sharon keef
sharon keef Päivä sitten
Will take two to three yrs for aspergus
sharon keef
sharon keef Päivä sitten
Brussel sprouts need thinned
Marek Rafaj
Marek Rafaj Päivä sitten
Xiaomi phone IS good i love
sharon keef
sharon keef Päivä sitten
Just so u know ur not supposed to water anything during the day early morning or before dusk
Thokchom Bidyabuson Singh
Thokchom Bidyabuson Singh Päivä sitten
Stop doing that
Ashton Fowler
Ashton Fowler Päivä sitten
You could use dirt bike tires, it would allow you to put paddle tires on it for deep snow or loose sand
N_V_N Päivä sitten
Hey Jerry plz do video on poco f3